Our Services


Provisions and Supplies

Ship Chandler Kavkaz supplies a wide variety of provisions and supplies necessary for the smooth operation of vessels. This includes fresh and dry food products, drinking water, fuel, lubricants, cleaning supplies, and other consumables required for the crew and the vessel.

Deck and Engine Equipment

Ship Chandler Kavkaz provides a range of deck and engine equipment to support efficient and safe vessel operations. This includes items such as mooring ropes, lifting gear, marine paints, safety equipment, navigational aids, tools, and spare parts for various engine components.

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Ship Chandler Kavkaz offers a comprehensive selection of safety equipment and PPE to ensure the well-being of the crew and compliance with safety regulations. This includes life jackets, immersion suits, fire extinguishers, safety harnesses, breathing apparatus, and other essential safety gear.

Customer Support and Consultation

Ship Chandler Kavkaz provides dedicated customer support, working closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and offer tailored solutions. Their team of experts is available to provide consultation, advice, and assistance throughout the procurement process and beyond.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Ship Chandler Kavkaz manages the logistical aspects of supplying vessels, ensuring timely deliveries to locations worldwide. Their expertise in supply chain management allows for efficient inventory management, consolidation of orders, and coordination of deliveries to meet the specific requirements of clients.

Specialized Services for Offshore Industries

Ship Chandler Kavkaz offers specialized services catering to the unique needs of offshore industries. This includes sourcing and supplying specialized equipment for offshore exploration, drilling rigs, offshore wind farms, and other offshore operations, as well as providing logistical support for remote and challenging environments.